Boxshall, G.A.

An introduction to copepod diversity - London Ray Society 2004 - 2 volumes

Ray Society Series 166

Published in two parts, this book provides a systematic overview of the entire group. It provides a family by family account of all copepods, and for each family level group the book contains: an illustrated diagnosis of the family, supported by 289 pages of line drawings, a list of included genera with approximate number of species, a taxonomic notes section highlighting some of the remaining taxonomic problems, a key to genera for every family (with 3 exceptions), and an introduction to the biology of the family - serving as an entry point to the literature (key references or reviews, details of hosts, etc). The book is designed to facilitate the identification of copepods, enable identification to genus-level in the overwhelming majority of cases, and provides an entry point into the biological literature

Zoology: crustacea
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