BIOTIC Species Information for Zostera marina
Researched byDr Harvey Tyler-Walters Data supplied byMarLIN
Refereed byDr Leigh Jones
Scientific nameZostera marina Common nameCommon eelgrass
MCS CodeNone Recent SynonymsNone

PhylumAnthophyta Subphylum
Superclass ClassLiliopsida
Subclass OrderPotamogetonales
Suborder FamilyZosteraceae
GenusZostera Speciesmarina

Additional InformationOther common names include, wigeon grass, broad leaved grass wrack, marlee, sedge and slitch. Perennial populations show a seasonal changes in leaf growth, the long leaves found in summer are replaced by shorter, slow growing leaves in winter. The morphological characteristics, especially leaf width may vary with environmental conditions (Phillips & Menez 1988). In the UK literature Zostera marina is distinguished from Zostera angustifolia on the basis of morphology. However, outside the UK most authors consider Zostera angustifolia to be a phenotypic variant of Zostera marina. To avoid confusion only data relating to Zostera marina is presented.
Taxonomy References Hartog den, 1970, Phillips & Menez, 1988, Davison & Hughes, 1998, Guiry, 2000, NBN, 2002,
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