BIOTIC Species Information for Ulva intestinalis
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Scientific nameUlva intestinalis Common nameGut weed
MCS CodeZS156 Recent SynonymsEnteromorpha intestinalis (Linnaeus) Link 1820

PhylumChlorophycota Subphylum
Superclass ClassUlvophyceae
Subclass OrderUlvales
Suborder FamilyUlvaceae
GenusUlva Speciesintestinalis

Additional Information

Origin of species name
Adjective (Latin), relating to or found in the intestines (Guiry & Nic Dhonncha, 2002).

A recent molecular study suggested that the genus Enteromorpha is synonymous with the genus Ulva (Hayden et al., 2003). Species within the genus Ulva are difficult to identify. Identification is heavily reliant on cell detail and cell arrangement, in addition to gross morphology, but complicated by the fact that the morphology of a single species can vary in response to environmental conditions. For instance, Ulva intestinalis and Ulva compressa (as Enteromorpha) are two distinct, genetically divergent and reproductively isolated species (Blomster et al., 1998). They are, however, difficult to distinguish. The presence or absence of branching fronds was the most useful gross morphological characteristic distinguishing these two species (Ulva intestinalis being unbranched). But ambiguity exists because low salinity or salinity shock can induce branching in Ulva intestinalis. However, if environmental factors, such as salinity are taken into account, branching can be used to identify the great majority of thalli correctly (Blomster et al., 1998).
Taxonomy References Dickinson, 1963, Hayward et al., 1996, Fish & Fish, 1996, Howson & Picton, 1997, Blomster et al., 1998, Burrows, 1991, Clay, 1960b, Guiry & Nic Dhonncha, 2002, Hayden et al., 2003,
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