Contribute to the uASM

Use this tool to contribute asset-service information to the uASM.

 Guidelines for contributing

If you have a large dataset that will take an extended amount of time to add to the database through our contribution page, you can email it to us directly at

1. Asset Upload

2. Ecosystem Service

3. Level of Ecosystem Service (ES) Supply

Please provide reasoning for your ES Supply score from the original literature

4. Ecosystem Confidence

Please provide reasoning for your Confidence score from the original literature

5. References

[Last Name], [1st name abbreviated to 1st letter]

6. Submission Information

Thank you for contributing this information to the uASM project. JNCC will use your name and email address (and company/institution if you provide it) to contact you with any follow-up questions about the data submitted, if required. Your personal data will be kept for the life of the project and will not be shared. If you’d like to sign up to receive updates regarding the uASM or the Marine Natural Capital Programme, please sign up to our mailing list. For further information on how we use your data, please view JNCC's privacy statement.