Habitat list

Browse available information on habitats (as biotopes) and their sensitivity to man-made pressures.  This simplified list is based on the Marine Habitat Classification for Britain and Ireland v22.04 and divided into the major habitat types and habitat complexes used in the classification. Please note habitats are listed using their v22.04 biotopes names. 

 = MarESA review.    = MarLIN review.

Habitat listings

[Show more]Maritime cliffs and slopes

[Show more]Intertidal rock

[Show more]Features of intertidal rock

[Show more]Intertidal chalk communities

[Show more]Intertidal sediment

[Show more]Coastal saltmarsh communities

[Show more]Seagrass beds (intertidal)

[Show more]Intertidal biogenic reefs

[Show more]Subtidal rock (infralittoral)

[Show more]Features of subtidal rock (infralittoral)

[Show more]Subtidal rock (circalittoral)

[Show more]Features of subtidal rock (circalittoral)

[Show more]Subtidal sediment

[Show more]Subtidal plant dominated sediments

[Show more]Seagrass beds (subtidal)

[Show more]Subtidal biogenic reefs

[Show more]Cold-water coral reef

[Show more]Features of sublittoral sediment

[Show more]Deep-sea bed