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Browse information on over 900 species. The species listed are either characteristic of our shores or require conservation. The 'species list' presents species arranged by easily recognisable major groups, for example, seaweeds, mammals, fish, sea anemones or sponges. The species information can also be browsed alphabetically (A-Z) or by taxonomy.

Species information is presented in 'summary' and 'review' formats. The summary information includes images, description, distribution, and any important characteristics of the species and habitat, similar to that found in an ID guide. The 'reviews' examine the biology, ecology, sensitivity and importance of a species or habitat.  In all cases, terms are defined online, and a full bibliography is provided together with links to further information. The use of information on these web pages is subject to MarLIN's terms and conditions. 

Species List

[Show more]Animals (Animalia) 14

[Show more]Red and green seaweeds, stoneworts & flowering plants (Plantae) 4

[Show more]Brown and yellow-green seaweeds (Chromista) 1

[Show more]Lichens (Fungi) 1