MarLIN (an initiative of the Marine Biological Association of the UK) welcomes sponsorship to fund the core maintenance and development of our web resources. Sponsors can elect to make a simple donation, or sponsor specific activities or content. Sponsorship can also be 'in kind', such as donations of survey data, etc.

Sponsorship is required for the following core activities:

  • maintenance of the IT infrastructure, servers, software and hardware;
  • continued development of the website and its functionality; and
  • updating and expanding our information on species and habitats;

Your sponsorship will help to ensure that the MarLIN website remains a free, open access resource.

For example, organizations and institutions may wish to sponsor

  • a new search tool tailored to their needs;
  • a particular group of species or habitats relevant to their work.

While individuals may wish to sponsor:

  • a favourite species page
  • a favourite habitat page

What do you gain as a sponsor?

Well, together with the satisfaction of supporting an internationally acclaimed project, sponsors gain:

  • unlimited access to the largest source of free information on the likely effects of human activities of marine species and habitats;
  • unlimited access to the largest source of information on marine biodiversity in the North East Atlantic;
  • unlimited access to our Biological Traits Information Catalogue (BIOTIC); and
  • unlimited access to our enquiries service.

And for organizations

  • your logo (and link) on a website that regularly receives over 1 million page views from a quarter of a million unique visitors from ca 200 countries/territories worldwide.

If you are interested in sponsoring our work and would like further information, contact Harvey Tyler-Walters (htw@mba.ac.uk) or Jon Parr (jpar@mba.ac.uk). Alternatively, email the MarLIN team (marlin@mba.ac.uk).

As a charitable institute, the Marine Biological Association is able to accept stand-alone donations for any aspect of its work.