Cranch's spider crab (Achaeus cranchii)

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A spider crab with characteristic swellings on each side of the carapace, bearing groups of bristles or small spines (hook-setae). The carapace is relatively smooth, narrowed, and grows up to 12 mm long and 8 mm wide. The frontal region produces a small, short, prolongation of the head (rostrum) with a U-shaped incision. Colouration is pale to a reddish-yellow, with lighter chelipeds and pereiopods. The abdomen is separated into 2-5 sections (somites). The pincered legs (chelipeds) are spiny and the walking legs (pereiopods) are covered with long bristles. Chelipeds are spiny, equal and larger in male crabs. The eyestalks are especially long and are always visible. 

Recorded distribution in Britain and Ireland

Recorded from the south and west coasts of Britain.

Global distribution

Scattered records from the British Isles along the northern coast of France to Brussels. Also recorded in the eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean. 


Found from 5-70 m on hydroids, bryozoans, ascidians and on undersides of raised boulders, often masked with algae.

Depth range

5-70 m

Identifying features

  • Dorsal surface of carapace relatively smooth with distinctive, swollen, outline.
  • Colouration pale to reddish-yellow
  • Chelipeds spiny, equal.
  • Second to fifth pairs of walking legs slender and covered with long, hook-shaped, setae.

Additional information

The pereopods are shorter than those of Inachus spp. 

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