Blue spot slug (Polycera elegans)

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A distinctive colourful sea slug. The smooth body is orange in colour with brilliant blue blotches that sometimes contain crimson flecks. It has 5 - 7 robust and feathery trilobed gills with iridescent blue-green lines along their ribs. The head may bear up to 22 finger-like projections. It can grow up to 4 cm in length although a maximum size of 4.8 cm has been recorded.

Recorded distribution in Britain and Ireland

Kilkieran Bay, Co. Galway; Sheep Haven, Co. Donegal; Skomer Island, Pembrokeshire; Lundy, south Cornwall.

Global distribution



Found on rocky coasts feeding on the erect bryozoan Bugulina turbinata and probably other species of Bugula.

Depth range


Identifying features

  • Orange colouration with large iridescent blue spots.
  • Rhinophores and gills without sheaths or accessory processes.
  • Frontal veil produced anteriorly into small digitiform papillae.
  • Up to seven large, trilobed gills.

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