An encrusting bryozoan (Eucratea loricata)

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Eucratea loricata zooids form a tree-like colony up to 25 cm in height. The colony is whitish-brown and is attached to the substratum by a cluster of rhizoids. Branching is generally dichotomous, with branches arising at acute angles and all pairs in a branch in one plane. Individual zooids are elongated and narrower at their proximal or lower ends. They have no spines or avicularia.

Recorded distribution in Britain and Ireland

Recorded at locations all around the coast of Britain and Ireland but with significant gaps in recorded distribution in south-east England, north-east Scotland and southern Ireland. Locally common.

Global distribution



Eucratea loricata is found attached to a wide variety of substrata, from lower shore to about 75 m and occasionally deeper. It is often washed up on the strand line.

Depth range


Identifying features

  • The colony forms an erect, tree-like clump up to about 25cm in height.
  • Branches diverge dichotomously and at acute angles.
  • Whitish-brown in colour.
  • Individual zooids are elongated and broader at their distal ends.
  • No spines or avicularia.

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